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HUggies Rewards code

HUggies Rewards code

Click here to get best Huggies rewards codes online…Here are my ramblings about the Huggies rewards code 2012 promo

The Huggies enjoy the ride program has been very successful recently.

They are continuing this year with this very popular program.

Many moms enjoy the experience of making a bit of extra cash for an everyday item

that has to be bought anyway.

The free Huggies codes  program gives a good amount of points and they certainly add up by doing a bit each day

Especially when bubs is down. I feel like I am being a little productive with my time.

As I always say free is always better than paying!

The rewards catalogue is something I check weekly too for the best rewards for moms. They sometimes have special prizes too.

Huggies snug and dry size 4 giant pack is very popular (also popular are size 3and size 5 giant pack) as is the natural care baby Wipes, fragrance free refill 216 count pack probably because they are thick and strong and not tooo wet.

But Huggies is one of the most popular brands around.

Earning points with Huggies codes

Really earning points is like earning cash or even new products.

I can earn while little Benny sleeps and I reckon that is better than

watching reruns of some repetitive program I have seen 100,s of times anyway.

Wow just for copy and pasting stuff I do online I get 25 points which the same as doing four lots of 6 points

Hey don’t forget the fun prizes as well just for entering codes into the computer,

I have seen on the websites that people are selling unwanted prizes too so extra cash is made that way.

Drugstore game is quite a good game as you can stockpile your Sunday coupons and use all at once

And I even get some products completely free

By referring a few of my friends and family to the rewards codes for Huggies promo I earn points just by referring them.

Please bear in mind that most codes only last a short time I guess to make sure we moms use the codes ASAP

Obviously these things take some time that in theory I could be sleeping or reading which I like to do but nowadays it is a habit of mine and the real bonus is that nearly every week now something turns up in the mailbox and of course it is a surprise cos I have forgotten what I won and when.:)

So all in all I hope you can see some benefits for yourself with the Huggies rewards code that are available online, enjoy changing baby’s diapers!

Huggies rewards.

Huggies Rewards

Everyone can agree that babies are little bundles of joy that grab your heartstrings and tug, make you laugh until you cry, and leave you with memories to last a lifetime. Unfortunately for your wallet babies and baby products can cost a small fortune and with a lot of necessities that need to be purchased every month, any little bit of savings can help. There are a number of different ways to help save some money when it comes to spending on baby products. Price comparison, coupons, and rewards programs are all great ways to help offset some of the costs of things like diapers, formula, wipes, toys, and many other baby products.

Huggies rewards code

Huggies rewards code

Take the little bit of extra time to try to find the best price for bigger items like strollers, car seats, highchairs, etc. Compare prices online, and don’t be afraid to look in warehouse stores as you can find really good deals in some of the most unexpected places. Flip through your Sunday paper for weekly coupons on everyday necessities like baby food, snacks, and formula. Even if it’s just a few cents, any savings can add up over time. Don’t be so quick to throw out your weekly mailers as they often contain valuable coupons on this typical baby items. Lastly, sign up for rewards programs to get back for making the necessary purchases such as diapers and wipes.

HUggies Rewards program

Huggies has developed a fantastic rewards program that helps benefit parents who buy their products as well as parents in need. When a parent purchases a Huggies brand product, they get a rewards code which they will input into their online account. They can collect these reward codes to earn points towards free products like diapers, wipes, toys, or other baby products, or instead they can donate their unused points to help provide diapers for parents in need.

In order to encourage parents to learn more about their baby’s needs, health, and development Huggies rewards is also rewarding points for reading articles on tips and tricks that will help increase their parenting knowledge. By empowering new parents with knowledge that will assist them with the best care for their baby helps the community as a whole and Huggies rewards makes learning even more rewarding then just being the best parent one can be.

Parents with new babies are on tight budgets as it is. Why not take advantage of the fact that you will have to buy diapers and wipes on a regular basis and start to collect from the money you are putting in

Moms Huggies Diaper thoughts.

Select good quality goods when you can. I use Luvs diapers as they are larger and make your cake additional stable. Huggies diapers have the huggies rewards code system enjoy the ride .Blanket size does matter. Hold that in thoughts when deciding on the size of your cake. For instance, 7, 8, 10, or 12 29×29 will give you an eight cake and 30 x 40 will give you an 12 cake, a burp cloth will give you an 7 (they have really cute and colourful burp clothes out now) for a ten this size is in between so you can use a 30 x 40 and just bring in 1 finish a tiny more to make it a   ten.

huggies rewards codes

huggies diapers

This would mean a the  end of their diaper hunting, yet another 4 years not worrying any longer what to eat and where to buy their baby’s diapers, and a secured future, perhaps not for them but for their family members.

Even though rewarding, becoming a stay-at-house mom isn’t simple. In reality, quite a few girls are surprised to obtain it’s the hardest job they’ve ever had. Days spent without a single adult conversation, quieting your child’s screams in the shop, cleaning bloody knees, carpooling, disciplining, carrying out laundry, altering diapers, packing lunches, cleaning home and organizing meals might leave you wondering, Is this  seriously worth it?

The Procter and Gamble community is composed of 98,000 workers in 80 countries globally. It began out as an organization that manufactures candles and soaps. Now it produces items purchased by persons in 140 nations. The   goods they are recognized for range from diapers, detergent soap, shampoo, potato chips to bar soaps.

For retailers in the baby products industry, these celebrity-induced trends have not been as much of an element as they have been in the adult fashion planet. No far more. The American psyche appears to have entered a new phase of celebrity infant watching as Britney, Katie, Brooke and the rest show up on magazine covers with their babies alongside them. Now absolutely everyone seems to need to have to know which brand of stroller or diaper bag celebrity moms are making use of. The Huggies diaper brand is gaining popularity lately. It could have something to do with the Huggies rewards code system. And, not only in the well-known blogs about celebrity babies, but also in the mainstream media, has the child buzz got louder all the time.

Huggies Rewards Code Program.

Huggies Rewards smarts!


Bringing home a little package of delight(your baby) is an absolutely rewarding life event. You’ll reach experience fresh and amazing things, and get some new surprise just every day – like the impressive quantity of diapers you will have to get to keep their butts wholesome. Things like diapers and wipes are going to be an inevitable commitment, so you may well as well get rewards for getting them.


Huggies has created an outstanding rewards plan that not only benefits the mother or fathers who shop for Huggies items for their tiny bundles of joy, but they also have actually a wonderfully utilized “donation” programme where moms and dads can donate points they acquire in order to aid parents in need. Whenever a moms and dad donates their unused reward points, the company will award packages of diapers to little ones who should have them. To this extent far more than 60 million baby diapers have been definitely donated!


Huggies rewards codes tips


Not only are you able to you attain reward points by buying Huggies brand name products, but the business is now encouraging individuals to boost their parenting knowledge by providing scores for reviewing articles on tips and assistance for parenting. They are encouraging parents to discover about their baby’s health, and offer cleaning tips and advice, along with answering common “new parent” questions. Every person’s knowledge expertise is power, and by providing rewards for improving knowledge, Huggies is committed to assisting the parenting neighbourhood.


When a mom or dad can easily save cash by buying products that need to be purchased anyway, that can truly be a huge help in the state of nowadays economy. People have less and less dough accessible as they lose jobs or have hrs cut, so when a company can offer a rewards program for merchandises that are made use of on a daily basis, every person who takes advantage of the offer can come out on top. Redeem your rewards for toys for the kids, free packages of diapers or wipes, or particular treats for on your own. Being able to save cash whenever practical is a crucial factor to households on that are on a tight budget with a new baby.


If you’ll are a brand-new parent and are overwhelmed with the huge amount of diaper brands available, a prompt internet search can turn up appraisals and ratings to help you make a proper decision. Huggies is one of the top brands available on the current market and offer a wide variety of baby-related products. Because of the outstanding products they furnish, and the absolutely incredible Huggies rewards program they offer, it would be hard to choose any other brand on the arena.

Wendys baby girl

Wendy’s parents had always wanted a baby girl but for 24 years they had not been successful at all. With 4 sons and many failed attempts for a daughter you could imagine their surprise and delight when their second son announced that his wife was pregnant with a daughter. In the course of time along came baby Samatha, beautiful and perfect as all babies are. The grandparents were so happy for their son and daughter in law. Of course they only wanted the best for “their” new daughter so were full of recommendations like breast feed baby, don’t give her solids too early.

Teach them at young age that parents are in charge and make sure you use huggies diapers and claim the the Huggies rewards code s on the pack.(strange advice I thought) but as adult children we keep the peace with our parents even if it is a bit weird sometimes

Huggies rewards codes tips.

Huggies Rewards Codes program info.



huggies rewards codes

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The Huggies rewards codes system is called Enjoy the Ride Program is an incentive program for parents who use Huggies products.  This program allows parents to collect unique codes from inside packages of Huggies products.  The parent must sign up at the Huggies website in order to participate in the Enjoy the Ride Program.  Each Huggies reward code is then entered by the parents to be tracked and redeemed once accumulated to a level that matches the rewards that are offered.  The number of points each product is worth varies based on type and size.

Where to get Huggies rewards codes

Huggies reward codes can be found inside of packages of diapers, wipes and pull up diapers.  They vary in points based on the size of the package.  There are also Huggies printable codes that are given to users for signing up and offers for additional Huggies reward codes for certain promotions that are running.  The codes are easily plucked off of the packages and must then be manually entered in order to earn points.

The rewards catalog for the Enjoy the Ride program allows the parent to redeem the points accumulated after enough points have been earned.  The catalog consists of toys, games, magazine subscriptions, books and redeemable offers from merchants like Shutterfly.  There are also coupons that can be redeemed for points as well as department store gift cards.  The points act like currency on the Huggies website.  The parent need only to browse the rewards, choose and then redeem their points.  The points are subtracted and shipping is always free for orders that are placed using the points.

There are also sweepstakes and instant win games that require Huggies reward codes coupons.  This allows a parent to enter a drawing for prizes (such as an American Express gift card) or play a game to win a prize.  The games usually only require one Huggies reward code to play (1 point).  The games can give the player the chance to win diapers, coupons for diapers/wipes or a prize (like Toy Cash).  The current major sweepstake running for the program is for a new vacuum.  The opportunities to use points in many ways makes this program a lot of fun and helpful to parents!

As parents strive to stretch their dollar and utilize all of their resources while raising kids, the Huggies Enjoy the Ride Program really gives parents something in return for using their product.  The Huggies reward codes are plentiful and really help give parents a little extra something for using a product they love.   Sometimes little incentives or gifts can really make using a product worth it in the long run.  Parents who have multiple children in diapers and pull ups will find that these incentive programs are really profitable for them as they will very quickly add up many Huggies reward codes!



Huggies pure and natural review

Huggies pure and Natural review

I just wanted to give an up to date review of the Huggies pure and natural diapers as
there is a lot of interest in this type of product lately.

huggies pure and natural

huggies pure and natural

CLick Here for great Prices on Huggies Pure and Natural Diapers.
The main features that are most popular (as rated by customer comments) are as follows

  • -they are silky soft and gentle on babies skin
  • they have got the trusted leak lock sytem
  • An umbilical cut out to allow baby to heal up quickly
  • are hypoallergenic with Aloe and Vitamin E
  • Organic cotton outside and flexible pad on the inside
  • have pocketed back to keep in unwanted mess
  • wetness indicator so mum knows when to change diaper

What are moms saying about this fantastic product?

Amanda says “wow they don,t even leak, with twin baby boys at 6 and half months old  i,m impresssed as every diaper has in the past”

Leslie has this to say “Huggies pure and natural are so nice and comfy my baby girl actually sleeps better”

Kelly says “I,m sure this is the softest nappy that I have ever used. I would defitenly recommend these diapers to my friends and even enemies too ha ha”

Sonya says “these are a great fit aroung legs and waist and I really love the wetness indicator, what are clever idea and they are free from th ugly perfume smell”

JIm says” As a solo dad I,m struggling for time and these Huggies pure and natural diapers are my favourite and I should know cos i,ve shopped around nearly every brand I can think of but the leak lock system really does work and not having to change baby too regularly is a great bonus for me when I have to take baby to work somrtimes. Good on you Huggies.

P.S. Huggies diapers have usually always got some sort of attractive deal going on, when I looked couple of days ago they had $10 off for your first order so long as it is over $49      (code-bestdiaperdeal ) and then $5 of subsequent orders, not bad just for using their brand of diapers.

So you can see why these Huggies pure and natural diapers are literally running out of the stores.

Huggies Snug and Dry Diapers. Best prices


HUggies rewards

My Huggies snug & dry diaper impressions


Why I like Huggies snug and dry diapers because they have a special layer to keep baby dry


Click here to get best prices on Huggies Snug and Dry diapers….


I always vowed that I would not waste money on name brand diapers.

These diapers have a snug fit waistband so it keeps all contents inside the diaper

Side note..Huggies snug and dry diapers size 4 fit babies 22 to 37 lbs

They look fun too as they have Mickey & friend’s pictures on them.

Huggies disposable diapers have the a great system called Leak Lock system that

Really does work at keeping in unwanted spills

Bonus, Huggies Rewards Code points

And of course I can always earn Huggies rewards with the Huggies rewards code system, I’ve found it quite a dollar saver and I get freebies now and then too

for instance on the Amazon site there is a $2 huggies coupon, just click and save.

I always vowed that I would not waste money on name brand diapers however

the Huggies diapers seem to be of a better quality than other brands I’ve tried, they

Don’t leak and have elastic waists that are very effective however one downside is that you have to know

How to open them when new i.e. before putting them on baby stretch the elastic and smooth it out then it won’t leak on baby

Online Huggies Snug and Dry diapers same quality as store bought.

An important consideration for busy moms is they are the same great quality as store bought Huggies diapers.

One more thing about  the stretchy back is that I found it fits better than all other brands I tried, of course my friends baby uses pampers and they work better for her but every baby is different I suppose.

one of the best thing s I like about huggies snug and dry diapers is the overall price, they are more pricey but better quality and they have the huggies rewards program (enjoy the ride) and of course deliver straight to your door when I buy online. remember about Huggies coupons too.

A great hint I can give moms is don’t put them on for more than 3 hours except overnight. Huggies snug and dry also called huggies overnites.

The best test of a diaper is does bubs have a dry bottom? Yes with huggies so this mum is happy

I guess you can tell I’m a satisfied Huggies snug and dry customer and the huggies rewards code program is a bonus for me